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Dedicated to You

I don’t know what it is, but i find an unusual relation with you.
Your happiness and likes are mine prime concern,
I am crazy about you…no mater whether it affects you or not.
I am living in a world drawn by your imagination.
I tried very hard…but cant live without you,
Love you my sweet heart.
I know you are mine…and we are destined to live together.
There can be delay, but no failure.

Love affair

It is love you wont understand it


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Life is an ongoing journey. And we have to be part of it whether conscious or unconscious. Some time astonished! Be it light moment or dark it keep the same tempo. It is we who complain of it being slow or quick. If something happens for at this moment. We will make it believe as if it is hard to live with/without those meticulous things. At that moment we are poignant not because of trailing something but by the fear of not receiving same thing again. When you sought so much for in your life, why don’t offer this freedom a chance.

It was like a sweet fever when I felt love for a lady. I was fidgety, hard to control. I was a different world all together. The man who never cared for his dressing sense or his position in his faction or others views for him.  A totally Bindas person place himself on the track of “I do care”. I don’t wish to go deep for the basis of this adoration. But that love was very strong, and is today here for that very reason. She said sorry. It was like I have lost my all credential. The man left with no reason to live. Now I laugh for that moment of my life. But that was horrible. It was not she was so beautiful. On a sincere not I was never attracted towards her for sexual reasons. I never find her sexy or hot cake. She was for me stupid, pretending and fat heavy girl. But there was something more than her girl thing which holds me for so long.  A part of mine is still craving for her.

But scene is altered today. She is no more must now as it was then. For her I started using light drug. As it aids me feel better and keep me relieved. I was totally disturbed. I became abnormal man. For this reason I had unnecessary clash with so many bastards.

Then I felt it will be difficult to live without her. But see today I am very well alive and active. This man is heading towards his goal of a perfect life.  Because I allowed freedom to step into my life, and take its course. Never bind the life. Give it freedom to move. Never feel shallow or down redden. A particular individual can never be bigger than your life. That was like a dream which ended with the dawn of a new morning.

Live the life to the complete. Do whatever you wish. There can’t be any regulatory power greater than your consensus. Do what you feel right and stand by it for the last drop of blood left in your veins.   There is no success or failure. Some things turned according to your expectation and some not. Keep it that simple. Why to give those heavy terms. But to have an authority of one’s own for enjoy freedom and live with it.  For that you shall always be happy. Because you live your life as you have desired of it.

Freedom count on it!

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Life has been very kind to me. It has put me in every possible situation. This gave me an enriched experience of every human emotions. Be it be happiness, sadness, jealousy, insecure, anger, love, want for sex and so on. The most touchy feelings are those of struggle.
I am a good expression reader. It take very less time for me to understand and perceive ones mind activity. And as far as 80% I can guess what is going on inside one’s heart and mind. It always rejuvenate to find ones positive feelings constructive approach for fellow beings. And left with grief to acknowledge one’s negative plans and humiliating approach for others.
It is struggle which makes life so important and for others to applause. Last day I was so happy to see Sachin Tendulkar scoring double century against South Africa in second ODI played at Gwalior. I guess it made all the more exciting with the fact Sachin achieved this target at the age of 37, when player who debuted with him are seen no more on the pitch. It is his struggle and winning that makes him special.

In the war of good and bad, it always happen that good suffer the most. It is not because bad is more powerful. But because good is righteous. It can’t compromise with principles of life for timely loss or gain. Amrit is a good, genuine, sincere and honest person. He has to suffer because he told the truth to his boss. We all think hard work and respect for humanity will give you that all you need. This man is hardworking, honest, helpful and God-fearing. Everything is positive about him. But he has to escape the place with no negative reason. This is struggle of inner voice. He spoke what he thought to be right. It is something we can’t control.
No matter he will suffer for time being. But will always be proud of own capability. The fact that he stood for his idle will always rejoice his life.

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The Dream


The Idea of you being shown on television all over the country brings a bizarre feeling in your mind and Heart. The dream comes true when you are standing in front of a studio camera and performing. These were the feelings of Aayush, Ranjan, Tarun, Vishakh and Zubli. They had script in their hand, trying hard to beg bigger roles. Aah.. We are talking about promo shot for valentine day. th th

I was standing at the back of camera reading the expression of every artist. It was like a game the one who perform better would be a given bigger role. So everyone put their best efforts not to perform better but to gain bigger roles. As usual when you think of end goals often you end up with poor performance. In this war Aayush battled winner as he controlled his nerves and concentrated on the performance. His act was more live and filled with expressions and emotions. He was a black horse who gave best performance against my expectation.

Zubli was the only actress which holds our expectation. It was her first venture. Roll action…Zubli slowly moved into the camera frame. She proved a slow learner. Entire sequence was illustrated to her. She started with first line, and suddenly halted with no idea of what to do next. Amrit sir shouted cut.  Once again he dramatized full sequence for her. With so many retakes we got final shot.

The final take was audition. It was announced TV Network is looking for fresh talent for in-house commercials and promotions. Soon many individuals with the dream of becoming an actor start falling in the studio. The responsibility of audition falls on my shoulder. This idiot was rewarded with the power to judge whether an individual have the caliber of an artist.

Both of us were new to this world of camera. So I was in mood to give full cooperation from my side. I was both their director as well as counselor. Some guys told me they feel far relieved and comfortable after my brief. I was satisfied my words were proving great support to these struggling artist.

As human nature we all have tendency to discuss future, suggest what to do and not to do. But everybody who is confident of his/her capability will always find their way out. It is not always about winning but putting every stakes to win their dreams.

Far from anything they have dreams, and more important an attitude to fulfill it. We don’t know what their future is. But they will always be happy for they fought for their dreams.

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Most difficult line in an article or passage is always first line. Thats goes same with life. However big or small a task is, the maximum effort is required at initial stage. I am saying this with full confidence and higher level of satisfaction. I was in a mood to write something about myself for public to read it.

It took around two hours of practice, before I could understand wordpress. The most difficult task was how to start a blog. But now i have some knowledge about it.

I hope in near future i will be master of this new tool of media.

So like others, I am not going to explain why i am to blog.  But promise to provide interesting read for all of you.

And thanks everybody!

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